The Grand Opening

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The Grand Opening

The Solar Association Tiloo opening ceremony was a big success. With the sun shining all day long the weather was perfect for officially opening the solar project center in Latriya. Over 400 guests with representatives from the communities, the government, the environmental sector, NGOs, and also the media visited the Solar Association Tiloo center throughout the day. Including the children, around 800 people in total attended the opening ceremony of Solar Association Tiloo in Latriya.

Our guests enjoyed the program. Especially the samples from the cookers and the dryers, the drama on how smoke affects daily lives and the exhibited solar equipment and technologies were highly appreciated. The whole Tiloo Gambia Team took the chance to explain the guests how solar cookers and dryers work and how they can be used to generate income and substitute firewood or charcoal cooking.

In the afternoon program, the local djembe musicians invited our guests to enjoy the music and dance. The kids enjoyed the ball throwing, the buzz wire games and also to experience energy on the electrical bike.

The official program was recorded by and also GRTS. The recordings included the speeches and the tour around the project center, showing the many different ways of how to use the power of the sun. was broadcasting the opening live on their Facebook channel and GRTS aired a brief summary last Sunday evening at 8pm and 10pm on the Gambian television. Big thanks to and GRTS for making the opening ceremony accessible to even more people and for spreading the word of Solar Association Tiloo.


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