New Season Started Full of Surprises

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New Season Started Full of Surprises

After observing two months holiday by all members of Tiloo Gambia during the rainy season, we reopened for a new season of a fully operational project center in this month of October 2017, and we are saying a warm welcoming to you all, full of ideas for the sustainability and self sufficiency of Tiloo Gambia.

During our first session meeting called weekly meetings all unit heads had great inspiration to make changes at their various units to maintain the good name of Tiloo and its quality services.

At 17th October 2017, the women program restarted with large numbers of women from Latriya and its surrounding. We introduced the aims and target of the Tiloo project to the women and showed them new solar technologies we had and its utilization.

We also did a little practical with them. Lisa Sidibeh, our food processing manager, showed how to prepare a snack and explained to them the different types of food that can be processed in the solar cooker, solar dryer and the parabolic mirror.

We strengthen bilateral relationship with official tourist guides who promised to spread the goals of Tiloo to all tourism sectors and will be bringing more tourist not only visiting but offering trainings in areas of sun cooking, drying fruits and soap production especially in Moringa products.


Der Stapel donates 10. CHF to Tiloo for each book-stack sold.