Soap making at Tiloo

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Soap making at Tiloo

It has been four weeks since the opening ceremony. We can look back on a successful and intensive time. The planning of the Shop on the project site is in progress – soon we are going to sell solar produced products like babyfood, dried fruits and roasted peanuts. In addition, the range includes solar devices such as flashlights and small solar panels. The population of Latriya and surroundings thus get access to sustainable and much needed products for an affordable price.

The project is rapidly gaining both awareness and popularity thanks to the opening ceremony and the successful networking of the Tiloo Gambia team. There is an increased demand for using the solar cookers, dryers and parabolic mirrors. Women from the neighbourhood produced around 50 soaps this week, for selling them at the local market. This is an important step for introducing environmental friendly technologies and new sources of income. We are very pleased!

There has been a change in the Team Gambia: We want to thank Mustapha Sanyang for his longstanding commitment as a project manager. Sheriff Sonko, our former PRO for Tiloo Gambia will take over the position as the project manager at the beginning of June. We wish him a successful start. 


Der Stapel donates 10. CHF to Tiloo for each book-stack sold.