Upcycling Flowers, Baobab Tree, new tiles for the kitchen

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Upcycling Flowers, Baobab Tree, new tiles for the kitchen

We like to thank all the women of the women program for crafting nice flowers out of plastic bottles. These flowers will be a nice decoration for our Tiloo solar center in the Gambia.

On each branch of the Baobab Tree a quote explains our visitors the important role of trees, renewable energies and how everybody can participate in doing something for the environment and also how to improve their daily lives.

Soon our new hygienic kitchen will be finished. So far the tiling of the floor has been done. With the new floor it will be possible to clean the kitchen in a hygienic way. This week the work of widening the storage area next to the washbasin and the interior furnishings will be done. The interior fittings include a big cupboard for kitchen utensils, as well as two tables. A table for preparation of meals and one for the processing of snacks for the dryer. Our kitchen team is already looking forward to the new hygienic kitchen.


Der Stapel donates 10. CHF to Tiloo for each book-stack sold.