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Even as a non-profit and tax-exempt organisation we still need to cover our costs.
Solar cookers and tunnel driers should remain affordable to people in Gambia. In addition, we value fair work conditions for our employees in Gambia. As such, we are dependent on financial support from others.

Donations Account Switzerland:
Florastrasse 4a, 8134 Adliswil

IBAN CH44 0873 3044 1585 79145
Bank Thalwil - Albisstrasse 15, 8134 Adliswil
Account Nr. 441.585.79.145
Clearing Nr. 8733


Feb 17

Women Training

1st of February the women program started with 13 women from Latriya. We introduced the aims and target of the Tiloo project to the women and showed them the varieties of solar technologies we have and their utilization.


Dec 16

Carpentry Workshop: finishing

The last few days the construction of the carpentry workshop had made a big progress. Even on Sundays the workers are working tirelessly to complete the construction as soon as possible.


Dec 16

Carpentry Workshop

Soon the construction of the carpentry workshop is coming to an end. The workers and the constructor are aiming at finishing the work by the end of January 2017 and every day they are doing their level best to reach the aimed target within the next four to six weeks.


Dec 16


The construction of the classroom is almost ready. The only thing that’s left to do is to cover the roof. As soon as this last step is done we are going to order the benches and tables from our carpenter and start with the decoration of the pillars.


Nov 16

Baking training

The bakery manager, Lisa Sidibeh with our two trainees and another guest mixing the ingredients for the banana cake. During two days, she taught them how to bake with the power of the sun by using the solar cooker.



Der Stapel donates 10. CHF to Tiloo for each book-stack sold.