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Tiloo Project Center is currently closed

Due to the current lockdown, our center is closed. If needed, please contact us via +220 365 4860 (Ismaela Gassama, in Gambia) or via tiloogambia@tiloo.ch or tilooproject@tiloo.ch


Even as a non-profit and tax-exempt organisation we still need to cover our costs.
Solar cookers and tunnel driers should remain affordable to people in Gambia. In addition, we value fair work conditions for our employees in Gambia. As such, we are dependent on financial support from others.

Donations Account Switzerland:
Florastrasse 4a, 8134 Adliswil

IBAN CH44 0873 3044 1585 79145
Bank Thalwil - Albisstrasse 15, 8134 Adliswil
Account Nr. 441.585.79.145
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Lisa Sidibeh ist a mother from the Farato Upper River Region. She has been a dedicated worker in our project for the past years. Working as a solar baker and cook, she has taught school students how to bake and cook, took part on presentations for solar cooking and was responsible for our bakery.
Thanks to her continued work with us, Lisa was capable of having a better life, send her children to school and improve their perspectives for the future.

Unfortunately, there is still a very high rate of illiteracy in The Gambia since so many people are not capable of affording school costs, either because of unemployment or insufficient income. Through our projects, we offer an accessible alternative to save money and even generate extra income while improving health and nutrition.

The impact of our work

Raising awareness for the enviroment:
  • Deforestation in The Gambia threatens the forests and leads to excessive drying of the soil. For this reason, it is important to use sustainable energy sources. When getting to know our solar cookers and tunnel driers, people also become informed of environmental protection, CO2 emissions and the problems of deforestation.

Supporting Women:
  • In The Gambia, women are responsible for the house and the family. With a solar cooker or tunnel driers, women have more time available for their tasks. Even tough the cooking time is longer than normal, there is no risk of burning the food and there is no need to remain around the stove to keep the fire going. In addition they can use them in more commercial activities, which increases their financial independence.

Improving Health:
  • By using a solar cooker, there is no exposure to smoke and no irritation of the lungs or eyes. Moreover, cooking or baking this way guarantees a more nutritious and healthier meal (e.g., less oil is used). Since firewood and coal are expensive, water is usually not cooked or sterilised. With a solar cooker, these costs are avoided and people sterilise their water more frequently, which avoids several related diseases.

Bringing financial advantages:
  • The prices of firewood and coal fluctuate greatly but remain generally expensive. By changing to one of our solar cookers or tunnel driers, women don't need any more firewood and can reduce their regular costs and improve the family budget.


Der Stapel donates 10. CHF to Tiloo for each book-stack sold.