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Tiloo Project Center is currently closed

Due to the current lockdown, our center is closed. If needed, please contact us via +220 365 4860 (Ismaela Gassama, in Gambia) or via or


Even as a non-profit and tax-exempt organisation we still need to cover our costs.
Solar cookers and tunnel driers should remain affordable to people in Gambia. In addition, we value fair work conditions for our employees in Gambia. As such, we are dependent on financial support from others.

Donations Account Switzerland:
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IBAN CH44 0873 3044 1585 79145
Bank Thalwil - Albisstrasse 15, 8134 Adliswil
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Project Tiloo

Tiloo's main goal is to raise awareness for clean energy alternatives by promoting the use of solar energy in sun-rich but economically poor Gambia.

Through our work, Tiloo wants to achieve the following goals:

  1. Supporting Women
  2. Environmental protection
  3. Usage of Solar energy
  4. Improvement of Food security, health and economic opportunities

Since Tiloo works with different groups and needs,  the projects combine several approaches:

  1. Information/awareness-raising
  2. Education/training for capacity-building, particularly Women empowerment
  3. Production and services
  4. Partnerships and social engagement

Within the concept of help for self-help, we want to give people the means to help themselves while integrating the use of solar technologies in their everyday life. As such, we developed and implemented the projects Information Sessions and School Programme, described below. Our goal is to reach the entire country of The Gambia with these and other projects.

The objective of our Information Sessions is to show to the population of the Gambia the practical advantages of solar energy and how it can contribute to better health and hygiene.

We visit different communities and events throughout the year in a regular way, to share information with the local populations through creative and interactive presentations. This way, we show how the energy of the Sun can be used for cooling or preserving food and at the same time we raise their awareness about the environment, land preservation and the negative consequences of deforestation and using firewood.

Once every Spring, we also organise the Solar Day. This event, started by us, includes a cooking competition where the first prize is a solar cooker. During this day, we conduct different playful activities to introduce the participants and public to the theme of Solar Energy.

The people of The Gambia are very bound to their traditions and customs. That's why we think it's important to include children in our efforts to show how solar energy can be useful and used.

With our School Programme we sponsor a school with two solar cookers and a starter kit (baking forms, flour, baking powder, etc.). During five days, we train five students and two teachers on how to use a solar cooker so that they can - on their own - produce different types of snacks for the school breaks. This way, they can become both examples and guides in their communities. The school can also generate some money with our programme which can then be invested in building a library or buying school material. In the end, the children acquire practical experience on how to use the energy of the sun and how to deal with money.

We coach the schools in the programme for one year and visit them regularly during this period to ensure that the cookers are correctly used and to discuss problems or develop new ideas. As part of our contract with the school, a share of their profits should be used to sponsor a solar cooker for another school of their choice. 


Der Stapel donates 10. CHF to Tiloo for each book-stack sold.